Meet Pacgraph

Pacgraph is a tool on Arch linux to graphically represent all your installed packages.

pacman -S pacgraph 

By default, pacgraph generates an SVG and PNG of all your packages and their dependencies. You can customize the...

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MySQLdb with MariaDB 10.0.1 schema changes

Developing with Django 1.7 (Using MySQLdb for the database engine) on Arch Linux using MariaDB introduced a bizarre error. Google didn't offer much help in this. I kept getting the error below whenever I migrate field changes on my models.

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HAME R1 router WIFI password


Recently picked up - HAME R1 Portable 4400mAh Battery Powered 3G - off ebay. The item is advertised as Wireless Router WIFI Router R1 3 in 1. As it happens, the seller repackages the item so...

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PHPMailer add event to Outlook calendar

A quick guide to getting PHPMailer send proper Outlook events. I'd like to highlight three significant variables in the code i.e. $event_id, $sequence, $status.

$event_id = 1234; 

This is used to generate a UID for...

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