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Recently picked up - HAME R1 Portable 4400mAh Battery Powered 3G - off ebay. The item is advertised as Wireless Router WIFI Router R1 3 in 1. As it happens, the seller repackages the item so that they can ship more like a gift than a purchased product. Which is thoughtful but can end up forgetting a few things. In my case, the HAME comes with individual default password just below the default SSID at the back of the device.

Mine wasn't there. Hametech, the english website of the manufacturer is most useless as the support pages are long dead... Frustrated by the seller (By now, 4 messages sent to the seller via Skype, Ebay and Email) and now by the manufacturer; I resorted to youtube to see if I can find any HAME unboxings that will help or someone with such a problem in the comments section. Bupkis.

Hmmm, but as I was watching the videos, I made an observation regarding the WIFI passsword, there was a pattern. I picked up a similarity on the initial characters as they typed the password. The first 3 characters were always the same i.e. started with 7c3. The default password uses WPA encryption so the password has to have a minimum of 8 characters.

I also made a visual connection between the default SSID written at the back of the device as they typed. Hame SSID is in the format HAME_R1_xxxx with xxxx being the unique set of characters with each device. So if your device had SSID HAME_R1_x123, then you extract the characters after the last underscore and append them to 7c3. You end up with 7c3x123

You still won't be able to connect as most devices validate password to meet the minimum no. of characters before allowing you to connect at all. I went back to two of the videos I had watched and as fate would have it, they both ended with 8 as the final character of the WIFI password.

So your working password (based on the above deductions) should be 7c3x1238

If you stare at the format a for minute and analyse it. There are 7 characters before the last one. The last character is a number 8, the first is 7. The third character is always 3. The second is always c.

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Written on September 26, 2014